Zia Queenbee Company

P.O. Box 317
Truchas, New Mexico


Certified Organic: NO

Description: We specialize in chemical-free, Survivor Stock queen honeybee breeding. We select our breeding stock based on longevity, pest/disease resistance, productivity, hygienics and gentleness. We also offer exquisit pure, raw varietal honeys from the deserts, valleys and mountains of New Mexico. Along with pure bees wax candles in recycled glassware, tapers, honeycomb and beeswax jewelry, balms and salves and royal jelly. We have a sister op in Marquette, MI which serves to test our winter hearty Great Lakes Sooper Yooper bee stock. Our Michigan girls produce divine pure, raw wildberry and wildflower and basswood (linden) honeys. We offer pollination services as well as presentations and workshops. Due to the fact that bees can fly up to 5 miles for forage, we do not claim to be organic as we do not complete control over our bees diet. We utilize organically certified orchards and pesticide free farms coordinating with area farmers and ranchers.

Hours: We are seasonal from April through September.

We post events and news on our web blog: www.ziaqueenbees.com/zia

Products:bee pollen, honey

Farm Stand:

Farmers Market: various NM markets and special events.

Extra Products: Chemical-free Survivor Stock Queen honeybees (virgin and mated) and Companion Breeders, beeswax, candles, honeycomb jewelry, salves, balms, and pure raw varietal honeys and royal jelly


Memberships and Certifications: Western Apicultural SocietyNM Beekeepers AssociationSangre de Cristo BeekeepersABQ Beeks

Farming Practices: We do not utilize any antibiotics, acaricides (miticides) nor high fructose corn syrup. We move our bees between the valleys and the mountains such that they can forage for nutritious diverse nectars and pollens. If our bees run out of food, we follow a very flattering recipe for our bees composed of

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