Turkey Creek Alpacas

12990 N 200 W
Milford, Indiana

Certified Organic: UNSPECIFIED

Description: These female alpacas have been culled from our breeding program as explained below and are offered for this low price as companion and/or fiber girls. Dazzle (DOB: 2/7/2009) was added to our herd last year because of her awesome soft black fleece. She is a nice size and is in very good health. But she threw a cria this spring with a defect called "Choanal Atresia" (lack of connection between the nose and mouth); we had no choice but to euthanize him because he would be unable to nurse. There are many thoughts and discussions about CA but, to date, no solid evidence of how it begins or is carried on. It is also thought that it is carried down through certain bloodlines. Because of this we are culling her from our production herd and offering her as a companion/fiber animal. Scarlet (DOB: 6/12/2010) is a special girl as she was sadly orphaned when she was just 4 weeks old. She developed and matured very well in spite of being orphaned. However, she developed a problem where she cannot process her cud properly and sometimes regurgitates what she has chewed. She has come a long way and is now capable of grazing, eating soft hay and pelleted feed fairly well, but because of this, we feel she would have a hard time carrying a cria to term. Scarlet is a beautiful shade of dark fawn with very fine fleece. She is sweet and easily handled. We are looking for that special home for these girls and someone who will give them the love they deserve! Both girls will be happy to supply you with luxurious alpaca fleeces year after year! They will only be offered to a farm who can meet the criteria for placement. $350.00

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