Nelson Grass Farm

1622 Garden Street
Ogilvie, Minnesota

Certified Organic: NO

Description: At Nelson Grass Farm we farm from the soil up. So what does that mean? We care for the soil as it is a living thing. We use sustainable farming practices to ensure the plants in our pastures have a rest period, we do not use chemicals that kill the living creatures in the soil, we use nature to help fertilize and maintain the grasses we grow. When our soil is healthy, our plants will be healthy and then the animals that eat our healthy plants will be healthy. We benefit from eating our healthy animals, they are full of nutrients that came from our soil. Our animals have had no chemicals or antibiotics digested from either the soil, plants, injections or other feed ate. We are truly passionate about sustainable farming and using holistic practices at Nelson Grass Farm. We have pastured, organic fed, no soy eggs, chickens, turkeys and pigs. We also have pastured lamb and goats. We hope to add cattle to our farm ecosystem in the near future. We have a quarterly newsletter email sent out to interested persons and up-to-date farm news on our Facebook page. Contact us or Like us to learn more about our farm.

Hours: By appointment.

Products: chicken, eggs, goat, lamb, pork, rabbit, turkey

Farmers Market: We have several drop sites in the Twin Cities metro area for our customers.

Memberships and Certifications: MN Grown Sustainable Farming Association of MN Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Farming Practices: Sustainable Beyond Organic

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