Double Decker Farm

Kendall Rd
Kendall, New York

Certified Organic: NO

Description: Double Decker Farm is focused on naturally raising a variety of livestock for meat purposes, including rabbit, duck, chicken, Japanese quail, and goat. We raise our animals naturally, with no antibiotic use or growth hormones, and have animals available for meat purposes throughout the year. We have gourmet Japanese Quail eggs from our naturally raised flock year round (yes, we do ship!). We also have naturally raised brown chicken eggs and duck eggs in the warmer months.

Hours: by appointment

Products: eggs, gamebird, goat, rabbit

Farm Stand:

Farmers Market: TBA 2012 season....

Extra Products: Naturally raised meats including duck, rabbit, chicken, goat, and quail. Eggs from our chickens, quail and duck. Vegetables all summer, grown from heirloom, non-hybrid seeds- using no chemicals and natural (manure) fertilizer.


Memberships and Certifications:

Farming Practices: All animals are grown without antibiotics, hormones or chemicals, and are treated humanely. Produce is grown organically, with no chemical pesticide or fertilizers.

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