Counts Family Raw Honey

104 Pruitt Lane
Summersville, Kentucky

Certified Organic: NO

Description: We do not claim to be organic, however our honey is truly raw, my husband has kept bees as a hobby for over 22 yrs. He does not heat, or filter the honey. He does not feed sugar or corn syrup to honey producing hives, but does the first few months of newly hived packages, which do not produce honey the 1st season. He does not medicate the bees in anyway, yes he does loose hives for the chosen way he tends his bees, but the results are delicious and better for us. You may occasionally find a wing or piece of comb, you will also find enzymes and pollen which are good for us. We are very small having only 3-4 hives, as this spring season closes we only have 1 hive producing as 3 died last yrs. We have 1/2 pts for $5 and qts. for $18.

Hours: Call for availability.


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