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Our small cow/calf operation started as a way to avoid mowing unused pasture... put a cow in it. We now keep a handful of choice cows that we breed with local bulls to produce a small number of feeders that we manage from birth to butcher right here in West Newton, PA. Our cattle are entirely grass fed... our own pasture in the summer and our own hay in the winter.

SanaView Farms is a historic landmark organic farm nestled in the beautiful laurel mountains. We grow and sell organic produce and eggs and other organic food items. We also offer our cabins, farmhouse and barns to rent for overnight stays, events, farm-to-table dinners and weddings.

Weatherbury Farm is a family owned and operated certified organic sustainable farm located in the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania. Since 2007, we have been selling grass fed (and finished) beef and lamb directly to customers. We also raise certified organic grains (soft & hard wheat, oats, spelt open-pollinated corn, emmer and einkorn). In April 2014...