Stonewall Fine Wool and Lambs

311 West San Antonio Street
Fredericksburg, Texas

Certified Organic: NO

Description: Our flock is comprised of Delaine, Corridale, and Rambouillet bloodlines and produces what is considered a dual purpose lamb popular for both it’s meat and wool. While the majority of our lambs are sold at Fredericksburg’s Gillespie Livestock Auction in late summer or early fall, we also sell lambs and sheep to individual buyers either as replacement ewes, breeding rams, show lambs, or locker lambs. Naturally most buyers are within driving distance of Stonewall and provide their own transportation following purchase of an animal. However, if you are interested in a locker lamb, we will deliver it to a Fredericksburg or Johnson City processor in order to have it prepared for your table. Then all you have to do is contact the processor to specify how you want the lamb prepared and arrange to pick up the finished product on your next trip to the Texas Hill Country. To purchase a live lamb, ram, or ewe, please contact me, Dan O’Loughlin, at for more details.

Products:lamb, pecans

Extra Products: Raw Fleece, Wool

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