Sharondale Mushroom Farm

P.O. Box 375
Keswick, Virginia

Certified Organic: YES

Description: Sharondale Farm is a Certified Organic Mushroom Farm in Virginia's Piedmont near Charlottesville. Sharondale Farm teaches you how to grow your own mushrooms. Growing mushrooms is easy when you know what to do and have quality spawn and supplies to use. Let us show you the way! Sharondale Farm also provides high-quality mushroom spawn. Whether you are growing mushrooms in your kitchen for personal use, in the classroom with your students, or on your farm, we can help. Sharondale also sells the best tools and supplies for growing mushrooms. We have everything you will need to grow mushrooms from spawn to books to lab supplies, along with the expert knowledge and guidance to help you succeed with your mushroom farm.


Extra Products: Mushroom Spawn Tools & Supplies Workshops

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