I sell various live herbs and perennials, and sometimes annuals and seeds - I take orders and also hold plant sales several times a year.

Natural and sustainable family farm, seasonal fruit & vegetables, pastured eggs, chicken, pork, dairy goats, and beef.

Midnight Sun Farm is a 7-acre organic vegetable farm owned and operated by the dynamic duo Nick Choate-Batchelder and Becky Stark. We are located in the Prairie Crossing Conservation Community in Grayslake, IL. We grow certified organic produce, and have a commitment to growing sustainably and selling locally, while maintaining a balanced natural ecology. We also rais...

Get some sheep manure from our rare Navajo-Churro Sheep. It is available as teabags or in bulk. Sheep Manure is great for your garden. Earthworms love it.We raise our sheep as natural as possible on our off-grid ranch in the White Mountains of Arizona.

Early Morning Farm is a 30 acre organic vegetable farm that serves the finger lakes region of central New York


Raising Heritage Pigs, cross breeding to make the perfect pig. Raising them the healthy way so you can enjoy pork again. Cook with LARD again that's better for you. Meat is marbled and will never dry out. While cooking the meat will bastes itself.